Battlefield 4 Shown To GameStop Employee, Reveal Incoming?

Battlefield 4 Fan Made MP1st

EA and DICE have unveiled Battlefield 4 to at least one person, perhaps more.

Earlier today, an employee from GameStop stated the following from the company’s official Twitter handle:

Trolling at its finest.

What does this mean for fans? Unfortunately, nothing, officially. But it does hint that an impending Battlefield 4 reveal might be upon us sooner than we think. After all, EA’s competitor Activision recently revealed Destiny, Bungie’s upcoming current and next-gen open-world shooter, and it’s not even coming out this year.

Keeping EA’s and Sony’s contract to release Battlefield 3 DLC on the PlayStation 3 first, might we see some Battlefield 4 during Sony’s big announcement?

What do you guys think?

Thanks, Mr Jigsaw, for the tip!

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