Battlefield 4 – Streaming Improvements Allow More Weapons and Vehicles, Customizable Faction Settings

Developers DICE are building a better Battlefield experience than ever before with Battlefield 4. That means more vehicles, more weapons, and more customization, among many other things.

Speaking to, DICE executive producer Patrick Bach talked about some of the new features making it into Battlefield 4 when it releases on multiple platforms this October 29.

“There is a lot of stuff, really,” Bach mentioned. But what caught our attention was how DICE is now able to include more weapons and vehicles, thanks to some streaming improvements. “We have tried to look at the game from all angles. We have replaced streaming systems so we can give you more weapons, more vehicles.”

Another feature that DICE has been somewhat tight-lipped about until now is the ability to customize factions on the Battlefield. “One feature we have not talked about is ‘any army on any side on any map,’ which gives you the possibility to choose what factions start at what side, and that’s on any map as well,” he said. “So that will be interesting and might create some cool results. It’s a feature we haven’t discussed openly, but I think it’s something interesting.”

As you may already know, Battlefield 4 will allow you to play as either American, Russian, or Chinese factions, who will each introduce their own unique weapons and vehicles to the game’s multiplayer.


Bach also spoke about customizable UI and HUD elements on the PC version of Battlefield 4, saying, “on PC, you will get custom UI and HUD, and you can scale those so you can customize more to your liking.”

Despite having one of “the best netcodes on the market,” according to Bach, players will also be able to customize their experience when it comes to latency or “lag.” Everyone’s internet situation is different, so DICE is implementing an option that will allow players to compensate for a better or slower internet connection. “We will of course tweak this so you less often will experience these kinds of [latency] problems,” he confirmed. “We have put a slider into the game which compensates for such events, and if you have a very good connection, you might want to turn that down and get a cleaner netcode.

Lastly, Bach confirmed that there will be no day and night cycles in Battlefield 4 but that patching and updating will be a lot faster and more regular thanks to the brand new Frostbite 3 engine.

If you missed it, be sure to check out some of the latest Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay, showing off the game’s new spectator mode running at Ultra settings.

Thanks, James, for the tip.

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