Battlefield 4 Website Reveals Two Characters: “Hanna” and Unnamed Male Soldier

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EA and DICE reveal another two pieces of artwork on the recently launched official website for Battlefield 4 in preparation for the game’s official reveal this March 26th at 11pm PDT.

Rather than going the expected route of teasing either a piece of setting, a new vehicle, or weapon, we get a glimpse of two characters that may play a significant role in Battlefield 4’s campaign. According to the website, we know the female character’s name is Hanna, though we are unsure of the male soldier below.



Though it is undoubtedly expected, the image of the male soldier does confirm the presence of the US forces in Battlefield 4.

The above image and the introduction of a character like Hanna are interesting choices for a number of reasons. For one, she isn’t dressed in battle attire. It will be interesting to see how her character develops in the story if she is not taking on a combat role. Second, it might hint at the possibility of females playing a more prominent role in the game, maybe even in the multiplayer. Lastly, if we can expect that kind of detail in a character’s face in-game and real-time, that would be pretty awesome.

Earlier, DICE and EA released three short clips teasing battle at sea, on land, and in the air. Check them out below while we wait for the full trailer this Tuesday.

Would you like to see more campaign character reveals as we approach Battlefield 4’s unveiling only a few days away? What do you make of the two images above? Let us know in the comments!