Battlefield 4’s Community Test Environment Headed to Consoles, Details On Latest CTE Patch

Late October, developer DICE LA announced that Battlefield 4’s Community Test Environment would be accessible to Premium-members on consoles for free, provided they have a PC capable of running it. Normally a program exclusive to PC users subscribed to BF4’s Premium service, DICE LA hopes to open it up to all users for optimal feedback on some of the game’s latest tweaks.

Last October’s announcement was a start, but as DICE LA Producer David Sirland made it clear during a recent Q&A session at Battlefield 4’s recent ESL One Finals, a proper console version of CTE is coming. “We are ready. They are not,” he said, referencing Microsoft and Sony’s longer certification process. In the meantime, DICE LA “needed the console players to have something to be able to help [them],” Sirland added.

No launch time frame was mentioned, but it sounds like the studio is getting much closer.

Battlefield 4 YouTube personality Westie has some details:

[youtube id=”fHehuVkfM28″]

To get a better picture of what BF4’s CTE is all about, we also spoke to Sirland in October to discuss how the game is shaping up with the help of direct player feedback. You can read our discussion here.

A new patch was recently deployed in the CTE which added a number of updates to BF4’s hit markers and flight behavior. Battlefield YouTubers Battle(non)sense and XfactorGaming put together a pair of informative videos that highlight some of the more important changes that were introduced in the patch:

[youtube id=”lMfgMDN5d_Q”]

[youtube id=”a5OnO4rOGR0″]

Keep your sights on MP1st for more on Battlefield 4 and CTE!

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