Battlefield 4’s Paracel Storm Monster Has Been Discovered, Here’s How

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It seems no mystery slips past the top detectives of the Battlefield community.

A recent patch to Battlefield 4’s Community Test Environment has sent clue finders on yet another wild goose chase, this time in search of the biggest Easter Egg of them all: The Megalodon, AKA The Paracel Storm Monster.

In actuality, the hunt began back in December of 2013 when the hints started piling up, all pointing to something hidden on Paracel Storm, one of Battlefield 4’s most popular multiplayer maps. As it turns out, the clues all pointed in the right direction, but the final pieces weren’t present in the actual game until just recently.

With the big one finally bagged, here’s Battlefield 4 YouTuber JackFrags with the breakdown of how one of the game’s most elaborate secrets was discovered.

Presumably, the giant Megalodon Easter Egg acts “thank you” gesture to the Battlefield 4 community who’ve participated in the Community Test Environment and provided developers at DICE LA with the valuable feedback they’ve received thus far.

So, “GG” to everyone who was involved in finding this one!

Featured image courtesy of ShadowSix. Full Imgur album here.