Battlefield 4 User-Created Cinematic Tools Are Unreal

Battlefield 4 may be notorious for it’s shaky launch and often buggy online experience, but it is undeniable that, built on DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine, it’s still one drop dead gorgeous first-person shooter, especially on powerful PCs.

Now, thanks to Battlefield fan and YouTuber Hattiwatti, you can enjoy soak in the beauty even more with his Cinematic Tools mod that turns a war-torn field of battle into a work of art.

“The new rewritten version brings new features like locking the camera onto weapons and bones of a player, getting rid of all borders as a spectator, freezing time, faster performance, better recording and more,” Hattiwatti writes. “The UI has been completely redesigned with help from Wirrew, making it a lot better and user-friendlier. Currently it only supports the 64-bit version of BF4, but a 32-bit version could be possible in the near future.”

Check out the stunning showcase of the tools in the featured section above, and if it tickles your fancy, visit the BFCinematicTools to download and enjoy one of the best mods we’ve ever seen. Be careful, however, as to not use it on Punkbuster-enabled servers.

Also, check out this awe-inspiring “Soldiers” machinima by Berdu that also does a great job showcasing some of these tools.

[youtube id=”O1TUVv8ei-c”]

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