Battlefield 5 Chapter 4 Booster Packs Now Available for $29.99, Here’s What’s in It

Remember when we posted that datamined info regarding Battlefield 5 Booster Packs? Well, the Battlefield 5 Chapter 4 Booster Packs are now available for purchase in the in-game store!

Priced at a rather hefty $29.99, the Battlefield 5 Chapter 4 Booster Pack includes:

  • Chapter XP booster
  • 6 chapter Reward Tiers skipped
  • 2 Epic soldier outfits (Wild Eagle and Sturmwolf)
  • 2,000 Battlefield Currency (Boins)
  • 4 Epic weapon skins
  • 3 Special Assignments

I don’t want to be negative here, but $30 for a package of cosmetic items is a bit pricey, no? If you base it on past Battlefield DLCs that’s worth more than a full-fledged expansion, which usually contains a few maps, weapons and more.

Of course, if you have a lot of spare change lying around and just want to stand out from the pack, by all means, buy away. Personally, I feel that EA should price this significantly lower as to entice people to buy it on a whim and just for supporting the game.

Will you be buying the Battlefield 5 Chapter 4 Booster Pack? Or you think it’s priced too high as well?

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10 thoughts on “Battlefield 5 Chapter 4 Booster Packs Now Available for $29.99, Here’s What’s in It

      1. What free content? BF 5 has less content than other BF games even with the ‘free content’.

      2. You’ve clearly never played 4, hardline, or one “back in the day”, Nat. They used to make you pay for every new few maps they’d release in some form. So get out of here with that free content BS. This is just what everyone else is doing now, free maps and give kids skins and outfits to BUY that do nothing for gameplay but people will anyway because it’ll help there low self esteem even though no one cares. RIP Battlefield franchise.

  1. Look at apex they charge 18 bucks for one damn skin. Although apex is f2p and bf5 isn’t so I can see the issue. Is 2000 coins worth 20 bucks in their real world money to coins? If so then it’s basically just 10 bucks for what I can tell is a season pass system? I don’t agree with it but it’s just cosmetics and doesn’t ruin my enjoyment of the game play

    1. Well, as you can see they have now also started to cut off some assignements from the base game. Little by little things get cut away, until nothing is left.

  2. If you look at the individual prices you’re getting way more than $30 worth here so it’s probably worth it for someone who likes cosmetics.

  3. i no play because they add cosmetic items that have no effect on the game what so ever!!!111!!!!!1!!!!111!!!!

  4. No. Fucking Free to Play price modeling has ruined & destroyed the $60 retail game. See Black Ops 4 as PROOF. Give me a $30-50 Season Pass anyday of the week over this BULLSHIT NICKEL & DIME GOUGING!!

    And you DIPSHITS KEEP BUYING these RIDICULOUS Micro Transactions or OVERPRICED LOOT CRATES in a $60 retail release. You ARE FUCKING IDIOTS.

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