Battlefield 5 New Weapons Coming as Rewards in Chapter 4, New Game Mode Coming in Chapter 5, Booster Packs, Charms & More

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With Battlefield 5’s latest update hitting earlier this week, it’s now normal for gamers to expect a flood of new, early and leaked info for the game via datamining the patch files. Today, there’s more of that. It seems we’ll be quite a number of Battlefield 5 new weapons as part of the rewards for Chapter 4!

Once gain courtesy of reliable Battlefield dataminer temporyal, we get the list of Battlefield 5 new weapons, new gadget info, a “Booster Pack” coming to Chapter 4, and even some of the new stuff coming in Chapter 5 (new game mode!). Not only that, but Battlefield 5 is also getting “weapon charms,” which Call of Duty players should be familiar with. They’re essentially keychains that adorn your weapon.

Tides of War Chapter 4: Weapon Rewards


Week 9 (August 22 – August 29):

C96 Pistol Carbine

“Based on the C96, this pistol carbine was adapted for the trench warfare of the Great War.”

Week 10 (August 29 – September 5):

Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife (Melee Weapon)

“The Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife is the commando’s melee weapon of choice. Each is guaranteed to never run out of ammunition.”

Note: This is a black variant of the existing Fairbairn Sykes melee weapon.

​Week 11 or Week 12:

Breda M1935 PG (Assault Rifle)

“The first burst assault rifle of the era. Fires an accurate and deadly 4-round burst.”

Additional Weapon & Info

Barbed Wire in Rainbow Six Siege

New: “Barbed Wire” is a gadget (max capacity: 2) that damages and slows while passing through. Rainbow Six Siege players probably know what to expect here and it’s maybe 5v5 exclusive.

  • The “Swiss K31/43” (Bolt Action Rifle) comes with an “Integral Scope” which enables you to switch between 1x and 3x magnification. By using “High Power Optics” (probably a specialization) you can increase the 3x magnification value to 6x.
  • You have the ability to do some kind of “Boomstick Charge” when equipping the Japanese “Lunge Mine” gadget.
  • The “Jungle Carbine” (“Rifle No. 5 Mk I” / Bolt Action Rifle) reappeared in some files after I saw it only mentioned once a few months ago.
  • First real signs of the “M2 Flamethrower” (Gadget) appeared in the client but it’s not ready for a showcase.

Tides of War Chapter 4: Booster Pack Content

CH4 Starter Booster Pack:

  • 500 Battlefield Coins
  • 1x Epic Soldier Set “Wild Eagle” (Allies / Fun fact: The artwork is showing the “Yankee” helmet)
  • Tides of War XP rate increased by 20%
  • 4x “Damascus” weapon sets

CH4 Premium Booster Pack:

  • 2000 Battlefield Coins
  • 2x Epic Soldier Sets (“Wild Eagle” for Allies & “Sturmwulf” for Axis)
  • Tides of War XP rate increased by 20%
  • 4x “Damascus” weapon sets

Weapon Customization: Charms

Charms are an additional way to customize your weapon.

  • Right now most of the available charms are attached to your weapon with the help of a loop mount
  • Feature correct physics while moving
  • Unclear how to obtain them (though they can be part of a weapon set)
  • Work in progress (as you can see by the incorrect positioning) and most of the models aren’t finished

Current selection:

  • dog tag
  • fishing lure
  • fossil (part of a weapon set)
  • france medal
  • pine tree
  • tally counter


Staghound Command

​A vehicle that never made it into the final game is the “Command” version of the Staghound. According to Wikipedia the turret was removed and extra wireless equipment was installed. It’s briefly mentioned in the files (probably since ages…) but doesn’t even have a model like some other unreleased vehicles. One can only speculate about the idea and it’s purpose in Battlefield V and I forgot to mention it on Reddit in the past.

Pacific Theatre / Chapter 5: Beach Landings

​The Pacific will feature a beach landing game mode. It seems to be split in two phases and could be the previously datamined mode “Invasion”.

Phase 1:

Build a beachhead: The attackers start on sea and need to build beachheads to gain spawn points on land.

Defend the beach: The other team has to destroy built beachheads and eliminate attackers to defend the beach.

Phase 2:

Arm the objectives: The attackers will win the battle once their team has armed and destroyed all objectives. They have to defend armed objectives from enemies trying to disarm them.

Defend the objectives: Defenders have to eliminate enemy soldiers and disarm any armed objectives to win the battle.

Grand Operation: The Battle for Greece

Day 1: Marita

August 1940: Greece prepares for invasion

28 October: 87,000 Italian forces breach at the albanian border, deadlocking four Greek and British divisions.

April 1941: Axis command is furious at the lack of progress. They initiate unternehmen marita, deploying 600,000 fresh forces to break the deadlock.

Day 2: Marita

The rumble of relentless war machines echo through the valleys of epirus, announcing the beginning of the next german offensive.

The fatigued Allies no longer fight to win but to bleed the enemy of time and of resources.

They will sell their lives dearly.

Day 3: Mercury

Despite great sacrifice, the Allied lines are broken. The Allies regroup on the island of crete and institute and urgent evacuation plan.

German forces rush to encircle the remaining Allies. Cutting off any escape before the Royal Navy arrives.

Their goal is the total destruction of their enemy.

Day 4: Mercury (Final Stand)

Extended combat on Crete sees both german and british forces depleted in resources and exhausted in manpower.

All that remains is survival.

Whew! That’s a lot, no? Now, remember, none of the stuff mentioned above have been confirmed, so don’t be disappointed if they’re somehow different, or just not included in the game at all.

Speaking of leaks and datamined info, check out this early gameplay look at the Karabin, and there’s also a lot of new soldier sets that got leaked.