Battlefield 5 New Soldier Sets Unearthed, Check out the US Sets, German Uniforms and More

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With this week’s Battlefield 5 patch out in the wild, a new batch of datamined info has surfaced, and this time, we get an early look at some of the Battlefield 5 new soldier sets! Check our first look at some of the Battlefield 5 US soldier sets that will soon become available in the game.

Interestingly enough, Battlefield 5 dataminer temporyal mentions that some of the new rewards in Chapter 4 features some US soldier sets, so we don’t even have to wait for the US faction to make its way into the game before we get the US soldier sets.

Battlefield 5 new soldier set:

Battlefield 5 US soldier set called “Wild Eagle” (Epic), “Yankee” (Rare), and “G.I.” (Common)

Battlefield 5 US soldier set called “Besieged” (Epic), “Nomad” (Rare), “Badger” (Common)

However, it’s not just temporyal who has unearthed new Battlefield 5 cosmetics! User Jaccku010 has also unearthed a few, and they’re the more or less skins rather than new soldier sets.

Battlefield 5 US Wintercoat, and German Winter Park

Battlefield 5 German Zeltbahn Set Rare and Epic

If that’s not enough early info for you, go watch this early gameplay footage of the Karabin rifle in action, which should be available in the game sometime soon. We also posted this week’s Chapter 4 Week 1 challenges and rewards.

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