Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 Trailer Brings Us “Into the Jungle,” Starts February 6

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As promised, DICE has released our first look at Battlefield 5 Chapter 6! Called “Into the Jungle,” the latest Tides of War chapter will bring fresh new content in the form of weapons, maps, weekly Assignments, and more! Not only that, but the Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 release date has been announced for February 6, 2020!

Check out the Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 trailer below.

Head into close-quarter Pacific battles with Battlefield V Chapter 6: Into the Jungle, coming February 6. As the fight moves into the thick and treacherous vegetation of Solomon Islands, the outcome is uncertain for both sides.

The trailer shows us dense new areas to fight in, a new LMG, a new assault rifle, new gadgets, new skins and lots more! It also confirmed that We’ll see Battlefield 5 patch 6.0 in the first week of February, though note that these things change so don’t be surprised if the release gets pushed back.

Are you excited for Chapter 6? What do you hope to see in this new Tides of War chapter? Expect a more detailed look into Battlefield 5 Chapter 6 later today here on MP1st!