Battlefield V Dev Talks Episode #3 Info Summary – Soldier Visibility, Bipod Fixed, Lots More!

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Earlier today, DICE released the third episode of its Battlefield V Dev Talks web series. If you can’t watch the entire 19-minute show, and want it in a more condensed, text form, you’ve come to the right place.

Reddit user Glordit has posted a tl;dw version, which you can read below. It mentions soldier visibility, the STG 44 being tweaked, and lots more regarding the weapons of Battlefield V!

tl;dr for those who can’t watch, yet.

  • Soldier visibility has been tweaked slightly – Now features a distance haze which is a lot less obtrusive visually.
  • Higher Rate of Fire weapons would give double damage (in the beta, which caused frustrating deaths), been tweaked to give more consistent damage.
  • Input lag also being looked at to give better feedback.
  • Aim assist being developed for consoles, snap on aim is possibly being removed for a magnetic aim – aim slows down when near enemies while you ADS.

  • Starter weapons might come with a specialization to stop more experienced players gaining an advantage on newer players.
  • Player profile and progression UI has been tweaked and looks a lot better (in my opinion)
  • Using weapons more, will give you more skins.

  • Emphasis on making weapons and classes feel distinct from each other.
  • Mastering weapons will help you perform better – weapons “look and feel” more responsive.
  • Looked at previous BF titles to understand what players like/dislike.
  • Weapon spread is linked to the guns sight – ADS will be different from hip fire.
  • More Predictable recoil.
  • Single shots have a greater distance.
  • Working on the TTK – on all automatic rifles damage changed from 27 to 25.
  • StG44, Happy and Unhappy with it’s performance, too OP at short ranged but tweaking damage.
  • Changed the weapon sights tint and increased the cross hair colour.
  • Bi-pods fixed and LMG’s and recoil has been tweaked.

  • MG 42 shown, barrel is changeable when it over heats. Has some really crazy hip fire recoil. Able to shoot down and through sand bag walls. Fires 1000rpm, upgrades to 1200rpm.
  • MP44 shown, better range than the Suomi
  • Krag-Jørgensen shown, similar to the kar98.
  • sturmgewehr 15 coming with launch – Faster than the StG, harder to control, better for short range.
  • Looking at new weapons for tides of war, want to expand on current weapons and add in more.
  • Lots of content to come with Tides of War.

I told you there’s a lot of info. In other Battlefield V news, you can download the original soundtrack now and for free!

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