Battlefield 5 February Survey Now Up

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Battlefield 5 players, if you’re not happy with how the game has shaped up so far, here’s your chance to be heard directly by DICE! The Battlefield 5 February survey is here, and same as before, it touches on the maps, gameplay and more.

Battlefield 5 February survey link

Included in the survey are ratings on how well DICE communicates with their player base, how you grade each map available, how you tackle Tides of War chapter challenges, and even the core gameplay and damage (time-t0-kill talk).

In other Battlefield 5 news, there’s a crocodile in the new Chapter 6 map and his name is Max! Watch him in action here. In case you want to see the latest changes made to the game, the 6.0 patch has just been released a few days ago which you can read about here.