Battlefield 5 Crocodile Easter Egg Spotted, Watch It in Action

battlefield 5 update 6

With yesterday’s big Battlefield 5 patch, not only did we get a new map, a few new weapons, gameplay fixes and the like, but it seems that a new Battlefield 5 crocodile Easter egg was also part of the package!

Spotted in the Chapter 6 new map Solomon Islands is a crocodile named “Max” and shared on the Battlefield 5 subreddit!

The crocodiles name is Max on the new map 😳😳🤯 from BattlefieldV

Max the Crocodile is apparently the pet of Senior Designer Niklas Astrand who advises people to not shoot it, nor get too close.

If you think Max is just there for show, think again! Come close enough to it, and it’ll gnaw at you and deal damage! Check it out below.

Yep, definitely don’t get too close lest you want to deduct a ticket to your team’s side by way of a crocodile chomping!

I admit, this brings back memories of Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 dinosaur Easter eggs. Of course, this one is a lot less smaller, and with less fanfare, but it’s appreciated all the same.

In other Battlefield news, don’t forget that the Chapter 6 Rank rewards are already available now for everyone!

If you spot any other Easter eggs in Battlefield V, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll credit you for the find!

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