Battlefield V Flashing Screen Bug Is Being Looked Into by DICE, Talks About Combined Arms Development

battlefield 5 operation metro

While DICE’s latest patch for Battlefield V introduced a slew of improvements and additions, it seems to have introduced a new bug as well. If you’ve been playing the game after the patch rolled out this week, you might have noticed a “flashing” screen issue when you’re trying to spawn on a teammate, which, unfortunately, is still present in the game.

Over on Reddit, DICE held an AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything) session that involved a few DICE developers fielding questions from the community, and naturally, this Battlefield 5 flashing screen issue has been bought up. According to DICE developer Florian Le Bihan (DRUNKZ23), this flashing screen issue is one of the studio’s top issues right now, and they’ll do their best to get it patched soon.

In another part of the AMAA, another user asked about the recently-released co-op mode Combined Arms, and why it was released now when there are more pressing issues in multiplayer that can be addressed. Short answer? Different teams working on different areas of the game. Here’s what North America Community Manager Jeff Braddock had to say:

You can check out the full AMAA session right here.

Have you found a workaround for the Battlefield 5 flashing issue screen bug? If so, let us know how to do it in the comments below.


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