Battlefield V Gunplay Improvements Detailed by DICE, Cites BF3 as Inspiration

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If you’re one of the many people who found Battlefield 1’s gunplay a bit too random and inconsistent, then what you’re about to read should be very welcome news.

In a new post, DICE Battlefield Weapon Designer Julian Schimek and Core Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan talks about the improved gunplay in Battlefield V, what changes the studio has made, and what it has learned from past titles in the series.

Traditionally, Battlefield has some of the most advanced gunplay systems for an FPS. Factors such as muzzle velocity, bullet drop, rate of fire, drag coefficient, damage drop-off, base weapon damage and spread and recoil, can sometimes be a little complex for players to fully understand.

That was something that all of us on the Core Gameplay Team really wanted to improve upon for Battlefield V, so players will have an easier time understanding a weapon’s behaviour, We invested a huge amount of time working on solutions because we want players to have greater control over their shooting experience, and to clearly show what’s happening with a weapon. – Florian Le Bihan

Schimek then discussed how Battlefield 3 (remember that game?) provided some of the inspiration for Battlefield V’s gunplay.

In Battlefield 3 weapon base accuracy was very high when using the Heavy Barrel attachment, which allows players to reliably hit distant targets by reducing barrel whip. Drawing inspiration from older Battlefield games has led to many positive gunplay changes for Battlefield V, like dispersion decreasing constantly and not linearly. – Julian Schimek

In BFV, the spread is now presented as recoil in full automatic fire, which players will feel build up as they fire, instead of “having to look for tracers.” Schimek adds, “Recoil itself is now applied over a short amount of time rather than all at once, making it feel much smoother and allowing for a much higher usage of it than before.”

You can read more about how DICE designed the gunplay of Battlefield V here.

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