Battlefield V Known Issues List Is Getting a “Major Overhaul”

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It’s no secret that Battlefield V is still suffering from some issues both from a technical standpoint, and from a gameplay-side as well. For those vigilant Battlefield V fans, they might have noticed that DICE has basically not updated the Battlefield 5 known issues list in the game’s official subreddit, and that’s going to change.

Posting a new message to the community, Battlefield V Global Community Manager Dan Mitre has announced that they are setting up internal processes that will allow the studio to maintain a highly accurate list with frequent updates. Once this is “locked down,” the Battlefield 5 known issues list will receive a “full overhaul.”

The process might look something like this:

  1. Identify Issues – Pulling from all sources to determine all outstanding game issues, including and not limited to social channels, customer support teams, direct from player, in-game data, internal bug trackers, community maintained bug trackers, etc.
  2. Define Severity – Determine severity of each issue based on amount of players affected and impact to systems (economy, retention, game experience, etc.).
  3. Bi-Daily Syncs – Internal teams to meet frequently to circle on latest issues, categorize by priority, determine public acknowledgement, and set fix timelines.
  4. Public Acknowledgement – Lock down communications on outstanding issues, proposed fixes, and resolution ETA and publish to continue working on them alongside community feedback.
  5. Issue Resolution – Additional communication once issue is resolved.

In other Battlefield V news, DICE has mentioned that they will announce this week’s Lightning Strikes week 2 challenges today, which we’ll let our readers know the moment it’s made public.