Battlefield 5 Manual Lean to Be Added Soon

battlefield 5 manual lean

While DICE has been very transparent when it comes to the things coming to Battlefield 5, it seems there’s one thing that’s set to come to the game that hasn’t been discussed yet, and it’s that Battlefield 5 manual lean option will be added soon.

While no official announcement has been made so far, it has now since been discovered in a short gameplay video from DICE Engineer Julian Manolov that a Battlefield 5 manual lean option will be added soon-ish.

In case you didn’t see that, here’s a screenshot of the options screen with the “Soldier Leaning” option marked (via Redditr user KillerCh33z):

If Manolov’s tweet is to be taken as is, this should mean that this Battlefield 5 manual lean option should be available in the next game patch, though we don’t know when this will be rolled out.

In other Battlefield 5 news, DICE rolled out a Firestorm matchmaking update yesterday that should help make waiting a lot easier to take in the mode. Multiplayer fans should expect Fortress mode to be available tomorrow according to DICE.

Are you glad that manual leaning will be added to the game or it doesn’t matter much?

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4 years ago

Wow ! Wtf Battlefield 5 manual lean option will be added soon ?!? Wow ! Are you serious ?
I have to buy three more copies right now.
It seems that the DICE chief has a well-raised temperature. It’s still not clear to them that the game’s destruction is totally. Instead of releasing ten new and much better maps as soon as possible and listen to players what they think about game, etc. They are inserting manual lean option into the game ??!? I can not believe it. OMG !

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