Battlefield V Map Feedback From the Community Being Asked by DICE

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Like the maps in Battlefield V? Yes? No? If you’re a player of the game, here’s your chance to be heard! DICE is asking for Battlefield 5 map feedback from the community!

Battlefield Community Manager Jeff Braddock posted a message asking the community about map feedback, which you can read about below.

With the varied maps in Battlefield V, we go from cities to snowy mountains and deserts to devastated airfields. Each map (Panzerstorm included) has their own quirks, and each can tweak how you play based on situational circumstances specific to that map. We’ll go over some of the top comments from you, our community, and have a constructive discussion on what makes a map a “bad map” and what really good maps look like.

Community feedback:

  • More Maps – Yep, we know the community wants more maps. Currently, Battlefield V has 9 maps (not counting the night version of Panzerstorm in Battle of Hannut). This is definitely something that’s coming, with the Battle of Greece coming this March featuring Crete.
  • Night Maps – Requests for night versions of current maps are also a big topic. One thing to note when creating night maps: It’s not as simple as just replacing the sun with the moon. From previous conversations in older titles, some devs have mentioned it’s actually easier in some cases to create a whole new map than to “nightify” (yep, I just made that word up – you’re welcome) an existing map. Shadows, light sources, etc. changing on current maps can actually be a bit more heady than creating a new map from scratch. Doesn’t mean it’s impossible, but that is the reality.
  • Classic maps of WW2 – We’ve heard the requests for D-Day maps (Normandy and such), new regions, and some reimagining of maps from BF2. We don’t have anything to share just yet on our next iteration of maps at this time, but we also don’t want you to think you’re talking into the void. We do hear you. Stay tuned for the next roadmap that’s coming out which will detail quite a bit for the next Chapters.
  • Community Maps – Something that was really awesome was the Community Map Project in Battlefield 4. Working closely with the community’s feedback and testing, we created a new map based on previous maps and wholly new ideas. Definitely something we’ve seen from within the community.

Check out the rest of the post and what some of the good map feedback DICE has collected right here.