Battlefield 5 New Maps Gameplay – Provence & Lofoten Islands First Gameplay Look

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Battlefield 5 players, we finally have our first real look at Battlefield 5’s upcoming maps — Provence, Lofoten Islands! Thanks to YouTuber Westie who attended DICE’s event at gamescom, we have 10 minutes of Battlefield 5 new maps gameplay!

Here are excerpts from Westie (you can subscribe to his channel here) on how the two maps feel so far.

Provence:This is a small, tight and claustrophobic map set in a French town with lots of alleyways, paths and routes the weave around 3 main lanes. It’s a classic arena-style layout and if the data mines are to be believed, that layout style makes a lot of sense for 5v5 competitive play. There are more open areas along the main lanes of the map but the fun happens when infantry clashes together in the side lanes and if someone happens to throw a grenade during the fight then things do get a bit hairy. The B point is definitely the hot bed of activity, being located on the lower side of the map and the house itself being set down below the eye line of players moving in from either side. The house is of course destructible and whichever team first claims it is then likely to be set upon by a tonne of explosives and grenades as the other team try to take it back.

Lofoten Islands: If your first impressions are that it reminds you of the Firestorm map, Halvoy, then we share the same first impression. As soon as the first spawn animation finished playing on my screen, I immediately thought of the Battle Royale map and it’s not difficult to see why: the same buildings, the same assets and even a very similar layout to some of the area are recognizable from Halvoy. The A flag sits in a dropped down rocky area behind a couple of outbuildings, the C flag encompasses the large gas containers on higher ground and the B flag takes on the form of a completely destructible waterside building. There’s a nice flow between all the flags with plenty of cover to use at least at the start of rounds, but towards the end you’re going to find buildings with large holes in them after some explosives were used a few minutes before, or fences missing that were once standing. It’s a very malleable map when it comes to movement because almost everything can be destroyed; you’re able to introduce new lines of sight by taking down cover  and you’re able to block lines of sight by building fortifications around some of the objective areas.

Both maps seem to be built for more tighter gameplay, and will be out sometime next week. Once we know more details about that, we’ll let our readers know. We’ll bet getting news on the upcoming patch soon.

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