Battlefield 5 New Melee Weapons Gameplay Showcased, Upcoming Modes for Chapter 5 Revealed

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While DICE might have a lot of guns planned as rewards for Chaper 5: War in the Pacific, the studio seems to have quite a few Battlefield 5 new melee weapons planned as well, and we have gameplay for it, even.

Over on Twitter, reliable Battlefeld dataminer temporyal  posted a video showcasing the Battlefield 5 new melee weapons that are set to be released. There’s the Christmas Bat, Hachiwari (Keisuke Nakamura), Escape Axe (Jack Culver), Fire Iron, Fairbairn Sykes Black.

In addition to that, temporyal also posted a datamine of the upcoming game modes that DICE will feature in Chapter 5 in the next few weeks.

Same as in with every other datamined info, none of these have been confirmed by DICE, and as such, don’t be surprised if they don’t pan out according to plan. However, given that these datamined stuff almost always turn out to be legit, we should expect quite a few new Battlefield 5 melee weapons.

In other Battlefield 5 news, go check out some of the changes DICE has planned for the game in patch 5.2! Expect to arrive this December, patch 5.2 will include spotting, time to kill (TTK) changes, and lots more.

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