Battlefield V Next Patch Release Date, Q&A and Livestream Confirmed for Next Week

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While this past week might have been a bit slow in terms of Battlefield V announcements and news, next week will be different. Not only are we getting the Battlefield 5 next patch release date next week, but DICE has a Q&A planned and more.

Announced via Reddit, fans can expect the patch notes, a post by DICE regarding Combined Arms, an AMAA (Ask Me Almost Anything), and a livestream that showcases what it’s like to work on the Battlefield franchise.

Sneak Peek into Next Week – Week of February 11th

  • Release
    • Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update #3
  • Blogs
    • Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update #3 Notes
    • Combined Arms
    • Chapter 2/Part 2 FAQ
    • Battlefield V Quality of Life Tracker Update
  • Discussions – We’ll be hosting discussions on Reddit & the Forums to get your feedback.
    • Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update #3 Feedback and Discussion
    • Combined Arms Feedback and Discussion
  • AMAA –
    • We’ll sit down with some DICE Devs and talk co-op, tweaks and fixes that came through with the update, and more.
  • Livestream –
    • We’ll be hosting a livestream from DICE LA with Jeff Braddock and a special Dev guest to give us an insight into what it’s like to work on Battlefield and what their particular role does in the world of gaming.

Please note: This is an early schedule and items could shift or be moved out. We’ll have more details in our weekly This Week in Battlefield on Monday.

​In case you’re curious, here’s some of the stuff planned by DICE to be included in the next patch.