Battlefield 5 Overtakes Battlefield 2042 in Player Count During the Christmas Holiday

battlefield 2042 player base

Despite being the latest in the franchise, Battlefield 2042’s popularity since launch has seen a sharp decline, as the Battlefield 2042 player base grew frustrated with the current state of the title. So much so, that its predecessor is seeing a rise in players, which is to the detriment (somewhat) of the latest Battlefield game. While initially looked down upon the community, Battlefield 5 seems to be picking up steam and has now overtaken BF2042 in the Steam charts on Christmas day in terms of concurrent players online.

Taking a look at the latest player data provided by Steam for both Battlefield 2042 and Battlefield 5, we can see that during today’s peak, Battlefield 5 has landed at roughly 25K, whilst Battlefield 2042 sits at just 18.8K.

While for the month of December as a whole, Battlefield 2042 has managed to stay ahead for the most part with Battlefield 5 maintaining a relatively close trail (by couple of thousands) of players to 2042 up until Christmas Eve and Christmas day where it overtook the newly released title. The spike for Battlefield 2042 during December 17-20 was due to a free play weekend offered by the company.

While the Steam charts don’t spell the picture on other platforms, in the very least they should be a telling sign of the general community and their feeling towards the latest Battlefield entry. It’s more likely than not that BF2042042 is seeing a similar decline on consoles, though whether Battlefield 5 is seeing the same rise on these platform remains to be seen. That said, consoles or not, it’s still impressive that a Battlefield game originally shunned by the community, is now picking up steam, years after launch.

Since the release of Battlefield 2042, BF5 has seen a resurgence of players despite it being over three years old, and DICE being done with releasing any major content. It saw its last major update in Fall of 2020 with a few smaller ones to follow after for additional fixes. Leading into 2021, DICE made the decision to end support so that they could focus entirely on the release of the soon to be revealed Battlefield 2042.

Is BF5 overtaking BF2042 on the Steam charts worrying for Battlefield 2042’s playerbase? Sound off below and let us know.

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