Battlefield 5 Sparta Bug Surfaces After Today’s Patch, Here’s a Fix

battlefield 5 squad conquest loading issue

Earlier today, DICE rolled out a rather hefty Battlefield 5 update that included gameplay changes, new content and more. Unfortunately, one of the new things it also added is the Battlefield 5 Sparta bug that’s been plaguing BF5 players.

For those wondering what the bug is, a line of code containing the word “Sparta” will show up on the start up screen, which will prevent players from connecting or doing anything at all. Thankfully, the fix is easy to do! Over on Twitter, Battlefield Producer Jaqub Ajmal gave a Battlefield 5 Sparta bug fix, and here’s how:

Essntially, all a player needs to do is reboot game, select the left choice, and voila! You’re good to go. Of course, this sbhouldn’t be happening in the first place but at least the fix is relatively easy. Let’s hope DICE can roll out a server-side fix or a patch to amend this permanently soon.

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Given the size of today’s patch, and with how it has been so far whenever there’s a new update, expect a deluge of datamined info that could potentially point out what’s coming to the game soon.

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