Battlefield 5 Upcoming Chapter 5 Rewards Leaked and There’s a Lot of Weapons

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If you’re a Battlefield 5 player, chances are high that you log in every week to complete the weekly challenges and earn that particular week’s rewards. Well, I’m glad to say that due to datamining, the Battlefield 5 upcoming Chapter 5 rewards have been leaked, and it’s purely weapons!

Once again unearthed by reliable dataminer temporyal, the Battlefield 5 upcoming Chapter 5 rewards won’t include any melee weapon variant, but rather, actual guns!

According to the image, here’s what we’ll be getting each week in Chapter 5:

Week 6: Lunge Mine
Week 7: BAR M1918A2
Week 10: Nambu Type 2A
Week 11: Type 97 LMG
Week 12: M3 SMG

Impressive, right? Temporyal notes that all these items need another patch to work. Also, same as before, not every datamined info comes true, so don’t be disappointed if some of these guns don’t make the cut. Speaking of datamined info, a new mode called “Invasion” has been datamined and it seems to be mixing RTS (real-time strategy) elements into Battlefield 5!

For those having fun in the War in the Pacific maps, don’t forget that DICE will be keeping a Pacific playlist active for next week! Check out the full schedule of it here.