Battlefield V Upcoming Patch Will Have Frag Grenades Adjustments, Spawn Beacon & Vaulting Fixes & More

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While DICE just released a Battlefield V title update two weeks ago, the studio is already hard at work on the next one, and we now have an inkling on what changes we can expect in the Battlefield 5 upcoming patch!

Over on Twitter, Core Gameplay Design lead Florian Le Bihan has revealed some of the key changes coming to Battlefield V, and one of them touches on grenade launchers and how it won’t function as a shotgun once they’re finished with the tweak!

It’s getting nerfed, grenades from grenade launchers will now bounce if they hit the ground too close from where you fired the grenade.

Le Bihan also revealed that netcode improvements will be a focus in this Battlefield 5 upcoming patch, though they won’t touch the TTK (time to kill specifically).

The next update will focus on “Netcode” improvements (including TTK/TTD). We have been working on addressing the various issues such as damage pacing and bundling, damage feedback delay, damage / health update desync, “damage from the grave” and more !

To clarify the first part of this tweet, we’re not changing weapons TTK at all, we’re improving the consistency between the shooter experience (TTK) and the victim’s experience (TTD).

In addition to those tweaks, DICE will also be fixing how spawn beacons function, and how these equipment bug out when deployed on different surfaces. Check out the quick gameplay clip of the spawn beacon improvements shared by Core Gameplay Engineer Niels Stoelinga.

Finally, more vaulting improvements are also incoming, which you can check out in the short clip below.

Of course, these aren’t just the changes coming to Battlefield V. Given how in-depth DICE makes these patches out, expect a huge laundry list of changes, which we’ll post about once they’ve been shared by the studio.

In other Battlefield V news, DICE posted an update on how anti-cheat works in BFV, which you can read about here. Also of note, EA has confirmed that the game has under-performed commercially, and that it blames battle royale not being available out of the gate as one of the chief causes.

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