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Earlier today, we got some rather bad news that the Al Sundan map won’t be released next week for Battlefield 5. While that might be the case, DICE has thrown us a bone and has given us a Battlefield 5 upcoming update preview!

No exact schedule yet when this patch will be released, and this isn’t the full patch notes, but an overview of the major changes coming.

Battlefield 5 upcoming update preview:

Please note that the following changes are a preview of what’s included in next weeks release, pending confirmation from our QA Teams. Full update notes detailing all changes will be provided next week ahead of the deployment

Vehicle Changes (Preview)

  • We’re happy to say that we’ve fixed the issue that was causing for Plane noises to unnecessarily linger following flybys.
  • We’ve also corrected a couple of issues relating to the Churchill Crocodile tank, the most significant being that you’re now able to repair the Turret after it’s been disabled.

Weapon Changes (Preview)

  • There’s been a couple of changes to the Boys AT rifle in this update. The magazine can now be supported with one additional round in the chamber (Making the Ammo Capacity 5+1), and the Medium Range scopes are now correctly displaying a glint.
  • Improvements have also been made to Bipod Detection, and you should find that these deploy more reliably now across all weapons that use them.

Changes to Health & Ammo Crates (Preview)

  • We’ve seen a good response to the recent changes made to Health & Ammo Crates and have made a few further tweaks to them in this update. You’ll now find that players who have selected the health and ammo crate can be seen by other players to be physically holding it in one hand.
  • We’ve increased both of the deployed radii to 4m and the Ammo crate will now provide both Primary and Secondary ammo (with scoring now offering values similar to the Health Crate).
  • We’ve also changed the collision behaviour of both crates so that they can be placed on vehicles, and stick during movement (long live the heal-mobile!)

Changes to AP Mines (Preview)

  • AP Mines. They’ve been a wee problem child for a while now but with this update we’ve made some changes to help address the issues faced by players. We’ll share the full updates around this in the update notes next week, but the key headlines are that we’ve changed the placement and activation behaviours.
  • With this update, you’ll now find that only 2 AP mines can be placed per person, and that they can’t be placed within 3.6m of each other. They’re also unspawned on death (provided you are not revived).
  • Concerning activation, the explosion delay has been increased to 1s (from 0.7s) with the explosion itself no longer occurring beneath the point of detonation. This means that if you’re quick enough, you’ll be able to prone and avoid blast damage.
  • There are other changes featured in next weeks update notes which speak to the increases in blast radius, and the increase in activation radius. AP Mines are still dangerous, but you’ll now have a new opportunity to evade them if you’re fast enough.

Fired Explosive Gadget Changes (Preview)

  • Changes have been made to fired explosive gadgets when used against infantry.
  • The scenarios in which you’ll encounter a One-Shot-Kill have been reduced, and the ability to throw back grenades has been added for the Rifle Grenade Launcher only.
  • Explosives fired from this weapon specifically will now behave more similarly to thrown grenades.
  • We’ve also improved the hit detection on incendiary grenades to better match what you see in the game. You should encounter less spontaneous combustion going forward.

Downed State Changes (Preview)

  • Players electing to Bleed Out can do so faster, with the time now reduced to 2.5s. Note that this won’t affect your overall time to redeploy in Parrot Cam, or Spawn Screen, but will enable you to enter this state faster.
  • Players preferring to Hold On for a Medic, now have 25.6s of hold time during the downed state, increased from 21.33s.

Firestorm Changes (Preview)

  • Firestorm players will find that Weapon Skins will now apply when playing the mode, per your Company selections.
  • We’ve also been able to incorporate Manual Leaning to Firestorm, following their introduction to Core Multiplayer last month.
  • The Commando Carbine, VGO and LS/26 can now be found on Halvoy too.

TDM Changes (Preview)

  • Team Deathmatch fans will find that we’ve changed the layouts on Aerodrome, Devastation, Narvik, and Fjell 652. We have some pretty detailed notes coming through on this that we’ll share alongside the update notes when they drop next week.
  • The goal of these changes are to increase the intensity and give people a more consistent experience when playing team deathmatch overall, by reducing the size of combat areas and also putting the focus on specific map locations.

Frontline Changes (Preview)

  • We’ve also revisited and made some initial changes to Frontlines that hopefully help to encourage better objective play in the mode. We’ll be keen to give this a good deal of focus during Tides of War in Chapter 4 to learn more about how this changes player behaviour on the mode.
  • The areas we’ve focused on for this update are changes to Round length, reducing instances of Objective “Ping-pong”, improving Accessibility, and changes to Vehicle spawning that ensure vehicles reach the shifting front line faster.

If past patches are any indication, we should get this patch either on Tuesday or Thursday next week, with the actual patch notes available a day before.

Same as always, we’ll let our readers know once the patch is live.

Source: Reddit

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