Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Add-Ons %50 Off On XBL

Great news for all Xbox LIVE Gold members! Many Battlefield: Bad Company 2 add-ons are exactly half-off this week in the game marketplace, including the BFBC2 Vietnam expansion pack! Sale ends September 12th.


Here is a list of what they’re offering.

Onslaught Mode: 200MS

BFBC2 Vietnam: 600MS

Bad Company 2 VIP: 400MS

Bad Company 2 Vietnam Theme: 120MS

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Theme: 120MS

I highly recommend the BFBC2 Vietnam expansion pack if you want a fresh new Battlefield experience. It includes new vehicles and weapons like the AK-47, as well as older, war-torn versions of the M16 assault rifle and M24 sniper rifle. It also comes with five brand new maps set in the lush Vietnam jungles: Cao Son Temple, Hill 137, Phu Bai Valley, Vantage Point, and Operation Hastings.

Also, remember that the VIP package will get you all the extra map packs for the original Bad Company 2 game.

Don’t miss out! Get on your Xbox and purchase these bad boys, or go to to purchase them online.

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