Battlefield Hardline Nets 2 Billion Minutes Played, Plants Vs. Zombies PC & Console Game Dated For 2016

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Following the company’s fourth quarter fiscal year 2015 financial report earlier today, publisher Electronic Arts shared a few stats on their current line-up of titles, as well as some details on upcoming 2016 releases.

According to a just-released EA infographic, gamers have already spent over 2 billion minutes played in Visceral Games’ cops and criminals shooter, Battlefield Hardline, since launch last March. A press release highlights more than 30 million game sessions played to-date.

PopCap HD’s Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has enjoyed similar success this year with over 46.7 million game sessions played between January and March.

Speaking of which, fans of the series might be pleased to know that a more detailed earnings report puts a new Plants vs. Zombies console and PC game at a tentative release date of early 2016, between January and March. Given the original Garden Warfare’s late-February release date in 2014 on Xbox One and Xbox 360, we wouldn’t be too surprised to learn that EA and PopCap HD might have a sequel in the pipeline for next Spring.

UPDATE: During EA’s earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson commented on the original Garden Warfare’s success, hinting that the new title could be a direct follow-up. “After Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare became a sensation last year with console players young and old, we will be returning to the Plants vs. Zombies universe with a bigger and bolder new console experience in FY16 that we’ll share more about at E,” he said.

Likewise, the report puts DICE’s Mirror’s Edge 2 in a similar launch time frame. Later this year, EA plans to release Star Wars Battlefront on November 17 for current-gen consoles and PC, as well as an unannounced Need For Speed title between October and December.

Meanwhile, here are a few stats to look over concerning EA’s most popular titles.