Hardline Is ‘Not a Replacement for Battlefield 4, Not Everyone Will Like It,’ Says DICE Producer

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Developer DICE LA hopes to keep Battlefield 4 alive and kicking over the next few months and into next year through continued testing in the Community Test Environment and via new updates for the retail game, including an objective-focused patch we learned about earlier last week.

During our interview with DICE LA Producer David Sirland, it became clear that he and the rest of the Battlefield team at the studio have a lengthy plan put in place to continue working with Battlefield 4 and its community even well into the release of Visceral Games’ Battlefield Hardline later this Spring.

I asked Sirland if he saw Battlefield 4 as a game that can co-exist with Visceral’s shooter, keeping in mind that Hardline’s Cops vs. Criminals setting is a major departure from Battlefield’s traditional military theme.

“Yeah, I think that’s the point actually, to keep it alive and keep it healthy side-to-side with Hardline,” he answered.

“Hardline is a different flavor of Battlefield. It’s not a replacement, it’s a different flavor.”

“Not everyone will like it. We hope most people like it, obviously, but not everyone will. And, Battlefield is still Battlefield and we will keep on supporting it.”

Sirland didn’t quite have date to share with us when it comes to ending support for Battlefield 4. Rather, it sounds like the studio will play it by ear going into next year as the team keeps tabs on the game’s player count.

“At this moment, I don’t have more details and I don’t have a end date currently set for Battlefield 4 support. But we’re going to continue to support it as long as there is players I would guess.”

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