Battlefield V Game Mode Changes Set for Tomorrow Include Round Timers on Rush and More

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While we didn’t get the big Battlefield V patch this week, DICE is still pushing out an update for Battlefield V, though this one is via server-side, and will just touch on a few game modes.

This was announcement was made by DICE Global Community Engagement Manager Ben Walke over on Reddit. Check out the Battlefield 5 game mode changes coming tomorrow!

Breakthrough and Battle of Hannut from BattlefieldV

Just a quick note to let you know that based on community feedback, the following changes will be going live tomorrow:

  • Battle of Hannut (New grand Ops) get’s added to the vanilla rotation of Grand Ops
  • Adding stand alone Breakthrough on Panzerstorm to the Breakthrough rotation after request from community.
  • Balancing the round timers on Rush for the Battle of Hannut Grand Operation

Please do keep the feedback coming, we are actively watching, reading, and listening.

Again, this will be a server-side update, so players won’t need to download anything on their end that’s significant.

Once the update is live, we’ll let our readers know.