Battlefield V Info About “Companies,” Monetization & More Detailed

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Yesterday, Ryan McArthur, Producer for Engagement & Core Gameplay (yes, that’s an actual job title) for Battlefield V answered a fair number of fan questions regarding the upcoming first-person shooter during a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).

If you’re a busy person like I am, chances are you can’t read through every comment to see what new Battlefield V info came up. Fortunately for us, the folks over at the BattlefieldV subreddit did all the leg work for us! Below, user Martiger434 compiled the known info revealed during the AMA.

All info from today’s AMA with Ryan McArthur, Producer for Engagement & Core Gameplay on BF V from r/BattlefieldV

In case you can’t see the embedded post, here it is in text form:

Details about the company:

  • The company is your personal collection of soldiers, vehicles and weapons. Each of these you will be able to progress and customize each of these to fit your personality and play style.
  • 2 factions
  • You can have multiple planes and tanks and duplicates of each. These can be specialized in different ways
  • You can have multiple weapons for each soldier including duplicates, each of these specialized based on the choices you make
  • each soldier and be customized visually, in face, helmet, face paint, jacket and pants
  • Weapons have 5-7 part slots to add your choice of visual customization
  • Vehicle (planes and tanks) also have multiple visual customization slots
  • Customization is faction specific, so you can’t make your British soldier look like a German one etc
  • Each player will have a Axis and an Allied company. So when you load into a match on the axis side you will use you axis company.

I think it’s important that the cosmetic “weapon parts” are not the same thing as weapon attachments (for example a bipod), but this has not been made entirely clear. This lack of clarity may be an error in translation.

Other Info

  1. Monetization is limited to cosmetics
  2. No lootboxes reiterated
  3. At this point they are not planning to implement a killswitch on cosmetics.
  4. Clans/platoons are a separate thing to the company entirely
  5. Levels for vehicles/weapons are attached to specific vehicle/weapon types. So if you made a (made up example) slow and heavy tank, you will not need to grind again to make a lighter, more mobile one.
  6. Weapon gameplay choices will come from the choices players make in the (weapon I assume?) skill tree. (as I said cosmetic parts are seperate to this)
  7. Live service will be supported as long as players are playing and enjoying it.

Let me know if I missed anything.

EDIT 1: I think I should clarify that while he said that you make a “axis and allied company” it’s important to remember that in this comment from DICE community manager a few months ago…:

You can create one personalized Company per faction, each containing a set number of soldiers, vehicles, and aircraft. In multiplayer, you’ll be able to play as the British and German armies – the initial two factions of the game.

…faction is used as a way to describe nations, At launch we’ll only have 1 nation per faction so I assume when more nations are added they will get separate companies

Don’t forget that Battlefield V will have a beta sometime this year, so you’ll be able to experience all the changes firsthand. For more on BFV, stay locked in here on MP1st!