Battlefield V Release Date Announced, Watch the Reveal Trailer Now

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With DICE holding a special Battlefield V reveal livestream today, fans finally got to see the game in action and then some! First off, during the livestream, DICE announced the Battlefield V release date is set for October 19 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Of course, the reveal wouldn’t be complete without the trailer, and boy, it doesn’t disappoint! Watch the video below and marvel at how fantastic the game looks so far. We get to see some actual gameplay near the end, and it seems like a match of Conquest, though with a few very interesting differences that’s readily visible early on.

Finally, an open beta has also been confirmed, with people getting early access by pre-ordering the game.

We’ll have more info regarding Battlefield V as it comes to light. It’s just starting, folks! We’ll have a lot more your way soon.