Battlefield V Upcoming Weapons for Chapter 6 Leaked via Datamining

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While there’s no news yet on when the next Battlefield V update will drop, we do have new developments on some of the Battlefield V upcoming weapons set to be released by DICE. For today, we get to see the “Einstossflammenwerfer” in action, as well as a new gun set to come in Chapter 6!

Once again unearthed by Battlefield dataminer temporyal, the Einstossflammenwerfer isn’t really a gun, but a handheld flamethrower! Check it out in action. below.

Aside from the flamethrower, there’s also the Ithaca M37 shotgun and it’s set to come in Chapter 6!

Note that given these Battlefield V upcoming weapons are based on datamined info, there’s no guarantee that we’ll see them in the game. That said, chances are high that we’ll eventually see these as part of the weekly challenges and rewards.

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