Battlefront II Developer Can “Finally” Answer Questions, Confirms Big Changes Are Coming

With much of the Star Wars Battlefront II community growing restless at the lack of communication and updates from the DICE team, it’ll no doubt be a relief to see that developers are now starting to open their mouths again, sharing details of upcoming fixes and hinting at potential new content.

Design director Dennis Brannvall has been the most vocal, spending a lot of time on Twitter answering players’ questions. Below you’ll find some of the highlights.

Head here to view all of the questions and answers, compiled by Preston1138 over on Reddit.

Are you excited to see what’s coming to Battlefront II? Or is it too little, too late? Let us know.

In other Battlefront II news, the original (2005) version got a new patch, Pink Darth Vader has entered the battle, and developer DICE holds four games of the Top 20 PSN downloads for 2017.

Source: Dennis Brannvall (Twitter) via Reddit

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