Battlefront 2 Patch Notes Update 2.0: New Progression System, Cosmetic Rewards & More

Battlefront 2 Patch Notes Update 2.0

The game-changing Battlefront 2 patch notes update 2.0 are now live. This is the big patch that promises to overhaul the progression systems, and introduce more tolerable microtransactions.

The Battlefront 2 2.0 update will be rolling out across all systems now.

Catch up on the Battlefront 2 patch notes below.

Battlefront 2 Patch Notes Update 2.0

Heroes and Villains Balancing:

Iden Versio

Iden was in need of a power increase so we decided to focus a lot on her for this Update while we watch the results of the previous Update’s impact on other Heroes.


Increased Base health from 550 to 650

Fixed an issue where the Secondary Fire module didn’t appear on Iden’s TL-50


We made a small improvement to the Droid Shield as we felt it’s wasn’t active long enough. This tweak should make it very viable.

Increased active time from 10 to 12 seconds


Iden’s Pulse Cannon has been slightly re-worked for this Update. We improved it a bit for now but we would like to re-work this ability further in the future. It now fires faster so to compensate we reduced its base damage. The zoomed-in, long range damage should feel rewarding and we wanted to push the weapon’s use in that direction. As a result we’ve reduced the explosive damage but increased the weapon’s accuracy to make it more of a skill weapon. Additionally, we’ve gone back to an earlier design idea where we wanted Iden to more freely swap between the TL-50 and the Pulse Cannon – this will make Iden feel a bit more versatile.

Reduced the recharge time from 5 to 1 second

Added a zoomed-in damage increase multiplier of 80% (the explosive damage is not multiplied by this change)

Decreased the time to full power from 1.25 to 0.6 seconds

Decreased the non-zoom dispersion from 2 to 0.2 degrees (zoom dispersion is 0)

Reduced the recoil of the weapon

Reduced the start damage from 100 to 40

Reduced the end damage from 150 to 100

Reduced the start damage distance from 125 to 30 meters

Reduced the end damage distance from 150 to 50 meters

Reduced the explosive damage from 80 to 20

HOT SWAP – Star Card

This Star card has been changed to give health to Iden when her DROID STUN hits enemies, and even more when it hits Heroes. With the Pulse Cannon rework, the old version became obsolete. We know that players want more Hero Star Cards that regain health and we will investigate adding more, but this felt like it was a good fit for Iden’s Droid. We’ll monitor the balance of this Star Card until the next Update.

Boba Fett


We’ve heard the comparison to an F-15 and also heard that the maneuverability of Boba Fett’s jetpack is very well liked. With this tweak the speed is slightly reduced, but he should still feel fast and powerful when played.

Reduced the forward thrust speed of Boba’s Jetpack slightly


While reducing Boba Fett’s jetpack forward speed, we also wanted to revisit his health as it’s the lowest currently and doesn’t feel correct for a hero – even a flying one.

Increased Base Health from 500 to 550

Leia Organa

Leia’s hair has been updated to match her outfit

We’re happy with Leia’s current gameplay but will look at her SQUAD SHIELD for Heroes vs. Villains in the future. She is a very approachable character for new players. That said we’d like to push her more into a control-the-battle style of gameplay. We decided to bump up her health regeneration to keep her base health on the same level as other blaster-wielding Heroes as well as give her more of a chance to keep in the fight.

Increased maximum health regeneration for Leia from 150 to 200

Decreased health regeneration delay from 5 to 4.5 seconds

Han Solo

Han is hard to master and him having at low health without much defensive abilities made him quite vulnerable.

Increased base health from 600 to 650

Fixed an issue where Han Solo’s DETONITE CHARGE didn’t explode mid-air

Darth Vader

Fixed an issue where Darth Vader’s PUNISHING GRIP Star Card wasn’t correctly applied.

Fixed an issue where Darth Vader’s SABER THROW ability could go through a wall on Takodana

Emperor Palpatine

Fixed an issue where Palpatine’s LIGHTNING ABSORBTION Star Card didn’t grant the correct amount of health after being used


STUN GRENADES can no longer be activated while other abilities are activating


While using INSIGHT, a circle shouldn’t appear under Rey for other players when activated


The area of effect should now display properly when the UNLEASH ability is triggered

Fixed an issue where Yoda didn’t break out of immobilizing abilities when using PRESENCE


Fixed an issue where the UI marker for Finn’s DEADEYE ability would persist after the ability had ended

Fixed an issue where weathering effects weren’t working on Finn

Lando Calrissian

Fixed an issue where players were unable to spawn as Lando Calrissian if Han Solo was being played

Classes, Special Units, & Vehicles:


Fixed an issue where weapon cooling was not working correctly for weapon mods



Fixed an issue where Increased Cooling provided higher cooling reduction than intended

Tweaked description of Homing Shot to clarify that it can fire multiple rockets, rather than just one

Fixed an issue where weapon cooling was not working correctly for weapon mods

Default Pistol

Reduced end damage from 20 to 17


Reduced amount of shots that can be fired before overheating from 25 to 17

Reduced how many shots can be fired before overheating when Increased Cooling mod is equipped from 49 to 25

Reduced end damage distance from 40 to 30 meters


Flattened the points given to an Officer with OFFICER’S PRESENCE, regardless if the aura affects 1 or 19 allies.

Point payoff with OFFICER’S PRESENCE was stacking, meaning an Officer standing in a choke point can farm thousands of Battlepoints without effort. To fix this, we’ve removed this stacking rule.


The Turret now spots enemies when it acquires them and primes to fire. The spotted enemy is only visible to the officer who owns the turret.



Enabled spotting logic, IMPROVED THERMAL BINOCULARS increase the time an enemy is spotted

Added 25 point scoring event per enemy spotted


Fixed an issue where weapon cooling was not working correctly for weapon mods


Fixed an issue where it was possible to use the SENTRY ability in first person

Fixed an issue where the sound could get stuck on the SENTRY ability

Fixed an issue where weapon cooling was not working correctly for weapon mods


Fixed an issue where the IMPROVED ROCKET LAUNCHER Star Card didn’t reduce recharge as intended

Fixed an animation issue that caused Aerials to incorrectly roll when dashing

We’ve updated the description of each of the Aerial units to more clearly differentiate them from each other. Jump Trooper –> Imperial Jump Trooper & First Order Jump Trooper. Rocket Jumper –> Rebel Rocket Jumper & Resistance Rocket Jumper


Fixed an issue where the Death Trooper wouldn’t see a white outline on enemies that have been affected by their SONIC IMPLODER’s blinding effect

Fixed issue where the explosion radius of the SONIC IMPLODER wasn’t improved by the EXPLOSIVE EXPERT Star Card


Fixed an issue where the AT-ST’s GRENADE LAUNCHER would fail to trigger after having been activated

Game Mode Changes:

Galactic Assault


Re-worked the defender spawns in Phase 2, moving them closer to the objectives

The price of the AT-ST on Takodana has been increased from 1500 to 2500


Re-worked the defender spawns in Phase 3, moving them closer to the objectives

The LAAT respawn time has been increased to 30 seconds
Fixed an issue where the MTT health would not display correctly and it would sometimes enter an incorrect state

Deathstar II

Made Phases 2 and 3 easier to defend and Phase 1 slightly easier for the attackers by adjusting spawn positions


Phase 2 spawns for defenders have been adjusted for positioning and spread in an effort to increase safety directly after you’ve spawned

Attacker spawns in Phase 2 have been moved closer to the objectives to make it easier to attack

Defender spawns in Phase 3 have been moved closer to the objective to make it easier to defend

Introduced various visual quality improvements such as: reduced LOD pop-in, sharper textures, improved lighting and materials, minor destructible content, and additional environmental detailing

Adjusted frequency with which the alternative light settings appear


Increased price of LAAT on from 400 to 1000

LAAT respawn has been increased by 30 seconds


Fixed an issue where players spawning into the AT-ST were occasionally spawned out of bounds


Updated and re-introduced the daylight setting

Adjusted frequency with which the alternative light settings appear


Improved spawn zones for Blast on Starkiller Base

Starfighter Assault

Starfighter splash damage against troopers reduced by 50% to prevent excessive targeting of troopers.

Fixed an issue where the MVP screen would continuously shake

Jetpack Cargo

Various improvements to UI clarity, issues for players joining mid-round, and respawn issues with the cargo


Fixed an issue where AI could sometimes become static and not recognize the player

Fixed an issue where Milestones in the end-of-round were missing after completing a Mission

Fixed an issue where the battle settings were overlapping with the loading screen in Arcade

Solved an issue where Captain Phasma’s visual environment was applied to both players when playing splitscreen

Fixed an issue where it was possible to avoid the AI on Death Star II

Misc. fixes to areas where Boba Fett was able to fly out of reach of the AI

Fixed an issue where the AI would clip into a building on Tatooine

Fixed an issue where lighting would break on the guest screen when playing Duel on Crait

Fixed an issue where tickets were incorrectly counted if players fell off the map when playing Versus on Kashyyyk

For even more details, including more minor changes and fixes, click here.


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