Fort Designer Lets You Share Your Fortnite Creations With the World

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Fort Designer” is a new in-browser app which lets players create and share structures created with the Fortnite set of tools. In addition to showing what the builds will look like, Fort Designer also calculates the material costs, allowing players to plan the best way to build.

Posted to Reddit by the creator, spaggi, the tool has received a ton of upvotes.

Here’s spaggi’s breakdown of what Fort Designer is, and how it works:

What is Fort Designer?

Fort Designer allows you to create, name and share awesome Fortnite Fort Designs (current focus is on BR building). I got the idea to it because I always had trouble explaining my Duo partners the Forts that I wanted to try. Also, it allows you to calculate the material costs, so you can make your Forts more effective.

What’s the Development state

I doing a very early release to collect feedback as soon as possible. This is the first public version, and a lot of stuff is missing, so be warned. You might encounter bugs. You might find the user experience confusing.

Some Basic Instructions

Right Mouse Button: Scroll
Q, E: Rotate Camera
Right Click: Change Material
Left Click: Build
G-Key: Edit
1-5 lets you select the Build items however it seems I screwed this up as the Browser doesnt allow F1 and F4 to be pressed (Web Player noob here)
Using Selection Mode (“Mouse Cursor Build Item” on the Bottom Right) lets you select, delete and hide Elements
What else?

Apart from further fixes and improvements based on your feedback, I’ll be focusing now on UI overhaul and bringing FD to iOS.

You can check out Fort Designer here (desktop only).

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