Flippin’ Sexy Fortnite Emote Drives Players Wild

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A new Fortnite emote is now available to purchase from the in-game store… But it isn’t just any emote. No, it’s the Flippin’ Sexy Fortnite emote!

When bought for 500 V-Bucks, the Flippin’ Sexy Fortnite emote allows players to do a somersault and land in a stylish way. It’s so cool that it’s driving players wild, with some creating videos based solely around this one new emote.

Here’s a video showcasing the Flippin’ Sexy Fortnite emote: (Yes, it’s an hour long. I don’t know.)

I wouldn’t recommend wasting V-Bucks on something like this, unless you really want it. I mean, it does look good, and would be a great way to taunt the enemy.

Let me know what you think of the Flippin’ Sexy Fortnite emote in the comments below. Is it worthy of the attention it’s getting? Or do people need to chill out?

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