Report: Battlefield 2018 Will Have Loot Boxes

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Battlefield 2018 loot boxes confirmed??! Apparently so.

With yesterday’s big leak that Battlefield 2018 will most likely be called “Battlefield V” and be set in World War 2, some might be wondering if there are other surprises set to be leaked soon.

Well, as it turns out, that’s a yes — though it’s one that will surprise anyone.

According to USGamer’s sources, Battlefield V will have loot boxes “but cosmetic only.” This is a big deal since last year’s DICE-developed game, Star Wars Battlefront II, was the major culprit in gamers’ eyes when it comes to predatory loot boxes.

This isn’t the first time the Battlefield franchise will employ loot boxes in the game. Battlefield 1, the latest DICE-developed Battlefield game, also had loot boxes called “Battlepacks” but it only featured cosmetics, double XP buffs, and nothing that affected gameplay directly. Also of note, there’s supposedly more customization options for soldiers in Battlefield V “than in previous games,” which won’t be that hard to top given how in-depth customization was in Battlefield 4.

Additional stuff from USGamer’s sources state that DICE has settled on going back in history years ago, but didn’t want to start with WWII right away as to not “waste” the setting.

I’m honestly not surprised that Battlefield V will allegedly feature loot boxes once again. If it’s anything like previous entries’ Battlepacks, then it shouldn’t cause any issues among gamers. Let’s hope EA has learned their lesson from SWBFII and doesn’t try anything slimy again.