Fortnite Double Pump Returns: How to Double Pump in Fortnite

How to Double Pump Fortnite

It’s going to take more than a measly Fortnite 3.0.0 update to kill the double pump, it seems! Yes, the Fortnite double pump has returned with a vengeance, allowing players to grab two shotguns and switch between them in rapid succession.

Here’s how to double pump in Fortnite:

  1. Shoot with your first pump shotgun
  2. Swap to your second pump shotgun and wait for the ‘pump’ sound that signals the cooldown has ended
  3. Shoot with your second pump shotgun
  4. Swap to your first pump shotgun and repeat

For a visual aid, we’d recommend checking out this video by TSM Daequan, who provides a good demonstration the Fortnite double pump 3.0.

Are you happy to see the Fortnite double pump return? Or should it have stayed dead? Let us know.

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Source: FortniteINTEL

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