Battlefield 2018 Reveal Trailer Is “Underway”

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While EA has not revealed any concrete details regarding this year’s Battlefield game, the publisher has confirmed that the game will be playable at this year’s EA Play 2018 event.

It seems the Battlefield 2018 reveal trailer is also being cooked, and ready to be served soon, as Randy Evens, DICE video editor, has teased it over on Twitter!

For a lot of Battlefield fans, this might be enough to get the hype train going. Of course, the fact that DICE makes one of the best trailers in the biz has a lot to do with it, too. Chances are, we might see a teaser/announcement trailer before the actual gameplay is shown off, which might count as the “reveal” trailer.

Regarding the still-untitled Battlefield 2018 game, we compiled every leaked info we know so far, which pegs it as Bad Company 3, or Battlefield set in world war 2, or something else. What’s certain is, it’ll ship out this October, and will be developed by DICE Sweden — the main Battlefield studio.

What are you hoping to see from this Battlefield 2018 reveal trailer? When do you think we’ll see it?