Fortnite Trello Board Lets You Spy on Epic Games

fortnite trello

Epic Games has created a Fortnite Trello Board for the purpose of “provid[ing] awareness of top community issues and their status.” Found here, the Fortnite Trello Board is a great way for players to keep an eye on what Epic Games is currently working on, and which issues have been given the greatest priority.

The Fortnite Trello Board was announced on Twitter:

I’m sure the huge number of Fortnite players will appreciate this added layer of transparency. Epic Games’ acknowledgement of player-submitted issues will definitely go down well, I feel.

What do you make of the new Fortnite Trello Board? Let us know.

In other Fortnite news, Epic Games is slowing down the development of Paragon to focus on Fortnite, here’s the latest community stats showcase, and the 1.43 update has now rolled out with patch notes ready for you to view.

Source: Fortnite (Twitter)

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