Burnout Paradise Remastered Microtransactions Is Not a Thing, Store Listing an Error

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Burnout Paradise Remastered microtransactions is not a thing, people! Rejoice!

When the Burnout Paradise Remastered announcement happened yesterday, the store listing apparently listed that the game will have in-game purchases, or more commonly known as microtransactions. Given this was EA and all, people were rioting as one might expect.

Over on Twitter, Ghost Games employee Ben Walkes, refuted the listing, and said that it was done in error.

Ghost Games, for those not familiar with the studio, is owned by EA and works on the Need for Speed franchise.

Given how EA flubbed Star Wars Battlefront II with the publisher’s original plan of implementing microtransactions in the game’s progression system, it’s understandable that people would react unpleasantly for this sort of thing — especially if the original never had any microtransactions in the first place.

Burnout Paradise Remastered will race out this March 16 on the PS4 and Xbox One