Fortnite Mobile Becomes #1 iPhone App in Less Than 24 Hours

Fortnite Mobile revenue
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By now, if you’re keeping tabs on video game news even just a smidgen, then chances are you’ve already heard how gob-smackingly fantastic Epic Games’ Fortnite is, right? Not only is it raking in a ton of players for Epic, but it even has big-time celebs livestreaming the game!

Now that the game is hitting mobile, it seems it’s poised for success even more! The Fortnite mobile version, which isn’t even out in its final state, has now become the #1 app (app, not game) on the Apple App Store in less than 24 hours, across 13+ countries! Yowza!

Important to note that the Fortnite mobile version out now for iOS devices aren’t anywhere near final (nor is it released officially), and there’s an Android version set to hit soon, so it will inflate the playercount even more given there’s cross-platform play between almost all versions.

If you’re one of the many, many people playing Fortnite mobile and it’s crashing, don’t fret! Epic is on the case.

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