Star Wars Battlefront II Gameplay Shows How Ridiculously Powerful Boba Fett Is With High-Level Star Cards

While there’s been an awful lot of talk about Star Wars Battlefront II‘s “pay-to-win” microtransactions, there hasn’t been much gameplay demonstrating this fact. Up until now, at least.

YouTube user XfactorGaming has posted a video showing gameplay of Boba Fett without Star Cards equipped, followed by gameplay of the Hero with Star Cards equipped. 

Before watching the footage and witnessing the difference Star Cards can make, take a look at the buffs XfactorGaming is using (as shown at the beginning of the video):

Intense Barrage

– Rocket Barrage fires 5 more rockets.

Anti-Hero Rockets

– Rocket Barrage deals 20 more damage to Heroes.

Fuel Efficiency

– Jetpack fuel burns 11% slower.

And now for the gameplay:

Looks pretty insane to me! What do you think?

In other Star Wars Battlefront II news, Blizzard Entertainment has poked fun at the game in their latest StarCraft II trailer and related tweets, a day one patch that brings “a bit more polish” to the game has been revealed and rolled out, and the Belgium Gaming Commission is investigating whether or not the game’s loot boxes constitute as gambling.

Source: XfactorGaming (YouTube)

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