Black Desert Online Patch Introduces Epheria Frigate Event & More

The latest Black Desert Online patch implements several new events including: Epheria Frigate Event, Mammore Event and more.

In addition to this, a handful of classes have received changes. For example, the Berserker has had a graphical glitch fixed, and the Witch has been given a reduction of the skill “Blizzard.”

For the event highlights, see below:


– Open Up the Sea Gate, Epheria Frigate Event and Guide have been added

– 1. Event #A: Gather [Event] Serbianca’s Vouchers

– Period: 11/29 After Maintenance ~ 12/20 Before Maintenance

– You can obtain [Event] Serbianca’s Voucher (x1~x3) while Gathering all around the world of Black Desert.

– Go to NPC Serbianca in Trent and exchange [Event] Serbianca’s Voucher x2 for Log x1.

– You can exchange Logs from Serbianca until 12/27/2017 (09:00 UTC).

– 2. Event #B: Collect Knowledges of the World Underwater!

– Period: 11/29 After Maintenance ~ 12/13 Before Maintenance

– What to do: Discover 5 of the 7 points of interest and gain their Knowledge to earn rewards

– Event Prize: Design: Epheria Frigate x2 and Jade Coral Ingot x5

– The rewards will be sent via in-game mail in a future maintenance.

– 3. Guide : Epheria Frigate

– Learn how you can craft your own Epheria Frigate and check the materials you’ll need.

– Underwater Exploration Screenshot Event has been added.

– Submission Date: November 29th – December 13th

– Staff Pick: December 14th – 17th

– Winner Announcement: December 18th

– Conqueror of Earth, Mammore Event has been added

– Period: 11/29 After Maintenance ~ 12/06 Before Maintenance

– Mammore will bite, scratch, howl and inflict heavy damage so make sure to read its attack pattern. When it hides into the ground however, it is invincible.

– Mammore will spawn in random servers (min. 5 servers to max. 6 servers) and will disappear after 30 minutes since its appearance.

– Mammore can only receive damage if attacked with a [Hunting] Matchlock so make sure to have one handy.

– Sweet Cookie O’ Mine Event has been added.

– Period for Challenges (Y): 11/30 00:00 UTC ~ 12/13 Before Maintenance

– Play 30 minutes every day and receive [Event] Cookie x5

– Play 60 minutes every day and receive [Event] Marshmallow x1

– Perform Imperial Cuisine with [Event] Cookie x5 + [Event] Marshmallow x1 to make [Event] Chocolate Cookie x1

– Right-click to obtain random items by opening [Event] Chocolate Cookie

– Period of Drop: 11/29 After Maintenance ~ 12/13 Before Maintenance

– Fish/Gather/Defeat monsters during the event period to obtain [Event] Cookies and [Event] Marshmallows.

– Attendance Reward (Refreshed)

– Period: 11/29 00:00 ~ 1/3/2018 23:59 UTC

– Log-in daily and receive your attendance rewards.

– Let it Snow! Winter-themed Background

– Period: 11/29 After Maintenance ~ 1/31 09:00 UTC

– Winter has come to Black Desert Online. Enjoy the snow snow snow!.

For the full (extensive) list of patch notes, click here.

Are you looking forward to the latest events? If so, let us know in the comments.

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Source: Black Desert Online

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