Black Desert Online Update Prepares Players for the Next Big Event

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A new Black Desert Online patch is here to prepare players for the Vell “the Heart of the Sea” event. The update opens up quests required to rent an Old Bartali Sailboat. You’ll need this for the incoming threat!

In addition to this, there’s the new Golden Puppy Statue treasure, and the polar bear population is on the rise!

Check out the full list of Event and System changes below:


Golden Puppy Drop Event has been added.

Defeat Monsters, Fish, and Gather to get: Golden Puppy Statue!

Event Period: Jan. 17th After Maintenance ~ Jan. 31st Before Maintenance

A new boat, Old Bartali Sailboat, has been added.

It can be obtained for free from weekly quests during the event period.

Durability can be repaired

Power cannot be recovered

New event quests to obtain the Old Bartali Sailboat during the event period have been added.

[Event] Noisy Shore

[Event] Investigate Vell’s Realm

The new quest, [Event] To Vell’s Realm, is now available for characters with Lv. 50 or above and can be accepted via the Black Spirit when you are in Velia.


Fixed the issue where 4K (or higher) screenshot did not work properly on certain computers.

A new text error reporting system has been added.

Help us bring you the best version of Black Desert Online!

If you discover a typo or any incorrect/awkward text in the game, [Shift + RMB] the text you want fixed to open the Edit Text window. You can then put in what you think should be the correct text in that window.

You can now [Shift + RMB] the text you want to fix in the Knowledge Window and NPC dialogue boxes. Currently, you can only report texts from NPC dialogues and the Knowledge Window, but we are planning on expanding the use of this tool.

You can see the other suggestions made by your fellow Adventurers in the Edit Text window, under “Translation Request.”

We will take all your suggestions into account and apply changes as we deem appropriate.

Things to note about the Edit Text function.

Please use this function only to suggest text changes for the game.

We will not answer any questions submitted through the Edit Text function.

For all other changes, click here to check them out.

Happy with the latest BDO update? Let us know.


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