BF2042 Update 1.000.041 Released for Adjustments This July 18

BF 2042 Update 1.43

DICE has released (Battlefield 2042) BF2042 update 1.000.041 on all platforms, and this is to bring in a few gameplay-related adjustments. Read on for what’s new in the new Battlefield 2042 patch notes for July 18.

BF2042 Update 1.000.041 Patch Notes | Battlefield 2042 July 18 Patch Notes:

Size: 507MB (PS5), 641MB (PS4)

Here’s what got fixed according to EA:

The purpose of this update is to correct unintended amounts of sensitivity when Aimed Down Sights, in connection to Uniform Soldier Aiming.

Taking on board #Battlefield2042 feedback regarding Dozer’s Shield we will be deploying the following change next week to ensure his bash has less bash.

▫️ Reduced Shield Bash Range from 2.15m to 1.85m (-16%)

Stealth Helicopters will receive a slight increase in Ascension Point cost within Control once Week 2 of Arkangel Directive gets underway #Battlefield2042 tomorrow (12 UTC)

↗️ Ascension Point cost increased from 150 to 170 for Stealth Helicopters.

If we get a proper patch notes list/changelog, we’ll update the article to reflect it.

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