BF3 Armored Kill Will Have The “Best Vehicle Experience,” Where’s The Tutorial Mode?

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By now, many of you know that Armored Kill, Battlefield 3’s third DLC entry after the upcoming Close Quarters and the previously released Back to Karkand, is said to boast the largest map in Battlefield 3 history. Exactly how big might this map be, you ask?

“I actually don’t know the kilometer size of it, but it’s going to be big,” General Manager Karl Magnus Troedsson told Kotaku in a recent preview. Of course, Armored Kill isn’t going to feature large maps just for the sake including of large maps. DICE also promises spectacular vehicular warfare. Troedsson explains, “it’s not a goal, per se, to make the biggest maps. We were doing some prototyping of these maps now and [wondered] how much vehicle force could we put in there? When you do that, we started to grow the map. And, at some point, we just realized that this is the biggest map that we have ever done, which of course makes it a cool thing you can talk about. But the focus is to create the best vehicle experience we’ve ever done on maps.”

If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the debut trailer of Close Quarters, set to release this June.

Troedsson also spoke about the lack of any sort of training or tutorial mode in Battlefield 3. “I’m afraid it’s one of those things that, in the end, when push comes to shove, gets cut,” he told Kotaku. However, he admitted, “I agree 100%: We need to teach our players better. It’s just one of those things… [We think]: ‘Well, our players know how to play it.’ Not all of them, especially now when we’re getting more and more players in. So it’s definitely something that’s on our radar that we want to fix.”

Would you have appreciated some sort of tutorial mode in Battlefield 3? Are you more excited for Armored Kill than Close Quarters? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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