BF3 – Have your Say in Back to Karkand, Origin Preload Now Available? And more

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4 days left until you get to base jump into some of the most heated virtual battles of your life! To help tie you over, we’ve compiled a few interesting bits of information about Battlefield 3 released over the past couple of days.

DICE has officially announced that the PC version of Battlefield 3 will be receiving a day-one patch. “Update starts right after install,” according to Daniel Matros. Along with this, he also confirmed that Commo-Rose for the PC will be available “not on launch, but in the 1st day patch.” According to Gustav Halling, for the PS3, a “day 1 patch is going through cert now so its ready on monday.” Also, the Origin preload of Battlefield 3 should now be live, at least to some people, according to this picture.

For those wondering, Matros has also stated that the “HD texture packs are allround,” meaning, they will stream high-res textures in all game modes, including the competitive multiplayer. Remember, this is an optional download for Xbox 360 users.

BioWare has recently announced that  a multiplayer demo of their brand new co-op mode in Mass Effect 3 will be available some time in January 2012. However, as stated on the official forums, “owners of Battlefield 3, on any platform, who activate their Online Pass will automatically be granted early access to the multiplayer portion of the Mass Effect 3 demo.”

Lastly, DICE is allowing you to have a say in Battlefield 3. In a blog post on, DICE writes of their experiences while re-developing the Back to Karkand expansion pack maps. While remaking these maps, they decided to bring each one up-to-date not only in graphics and visuals, but in time as well. Meaning, some of these maps are actually 2 or 3 years further into the future. Due to this, some control points needed to be renamed, since their surrounding area is now different. Instead of renaming it themselves, DICE is letting the fans have a say through a facebook poll, which you can check out here. It will also get you the chance to have your name in the end-game credits! The due date is October 28th, so get your votes in!

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