BF3 – PC Graphical Options Revealed

GeForce LAN Key Notes

In the recent GeForce LAN 6 keynote presentation, given by Johan Andersson, Rendering Architect at DICE, he details the different graphical settings found on the PC version of Battlefield 3. The presentation also reveals what type of graphics card are required for each setting.

Graphics Options:

Low = Lowest Possible

  • Similar visuals to consoles, lots of stuff disabled
  • Still contains the essential visuals to not be unfair in MP
  • Minimum: Geforce 8800 GT 512 MB RAM

Medium = Good Perf

  • Most important visual features enabled

High = What the Game is Designed For

  • All major features on except for MSAA (if you have DX11 card)
  • Recommended: Geforce 560 TI or better

Ultra = Highest Possible

  • Intended primarily for multi-GPU machines for 60+ fps

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